NonAvanguardia Manifesto

True will make you free.

Freedom,for the Artist, is the top of the hill conceirning beauty.

Contemporaneity is now.

Our revolution does not consist in shaping beauty or new things, but in realizing REAL things.

The Artist is inspired by things that still exist.

We don’t have a job, what we do is a natural instinct.

The NonAvanguardia will welcome any kind of “living” creature who wants to follow the Manifest with the condition that he/she/it respects its principles without any distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political views, personal and social conditions.

We all are born PERFORMISTI (performers), then we grow up and mislead that way.

We do not have any flag, or color, or icon. We only have our huge ideal.

The NonAvanguardia does not include the artist’s auto-limitation conceirning all the traditionalist definitions of dancer, poet, actor, sculptor, photographer etc … the Performista is a human being, emancipated from the bridles of the categories.

Everything that will be created by NonAvanguardia will have the name of OPERA.

All our works must be original. Quotes and tributes inside the Opera are allowed, but they must remain this way.

The aim of the NonAvanguardia is to tear the definition of art on the oligarchies lead by money and give it back to the person.

In NonAvanguardia, the work must contain 3 artistic forms at least

The Opera must have a person as “Elected”, at least. The investiture of this Elected will compete with those that will join all the performative artistic forms that are requested for the realization of the Opera.

Society teaches us to look at the big actions of the past, persuading us that those things are impossible to match or exceed, but “we are all human beings made of flesh bone and blood”. Our only limit is ourselves.

All the Performisti of the NonAvanguardia will strive to nourish their intellect with the Art and the knowledge of the great artists of the past and the present. We are what we nourish with.

In NonAvanguardia there are no thanks or greetings at the end of an Opera.

In NonAvanguardia the Director is obviously the author of the Opera.

Every human being has his own artistic process of formation.

Director/Author must draw a guide-line, leading the Performista to a definite direction, but cannot force him to a manic esecution of his own vision.

In NonAvanguardia the mistake is natural, therefore accepted. The Director will be responsible to teach “the aesthetics of the error of NonAvanguardia”.

Each Opera must have any kind of improvisation inside, ‘cause improvisation for us is an Artistic Form.

In our representations, Art must be communication, not a sick and self-refential aesthetic.

Every artistic form used in NonAvanguardia must abandon all traditional canons and rules.

In this world the absolute truths in art are pure lies.

God is the greatest Artist,

Everything was created, the inspiration is divine. The art was created to be divine.

Ideal of NonAvanguardia

You are lobotomizing minds, but not hearts.
You are poisoning bodies, but not souls.
You have created iron castles to train seagulls to fly slowly and never upwind, making us believe that, when it comes to culture, nobody is up to standard, in this way taking away our dream of genius.
You, powerful people, live to control, avoiding responsibility…
Worms who divide in order to command, creating false needs and labels…
You, who make us look crazy, strange, failures, just because you don’t want to accept the name that suits us the best: artists.
You can crush us into the wall of your fake jobs, but there are no chains for the soul.
You have created a system of destruction of the individual, machines for nourishing hate.
But love is the only thing that can not be taken away.
The non Avantgarde is the resistance.
We promise to reach our dream whatever it is, the universe is the limit. We will sacrifice everything to win our causes and respect our infinite ideal.
We Are the NonAvanguardia and together, we are a work of art.